Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Inners

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Simon Bakers Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Inners.

A combination of Goose Down and Feather.

  CLUSTER            FEATHER


Thread Count: 233 Cotton.
Box Stitched.

What's inside:
60% Goose Down / 40% Goose Feather; Tog  9  all season
90% Goose Down / 10% Goose Feather; Tog 10.5  warmer   

Caring for your duvet inner:
Imported product supplied rolled up, in a draw string bag.
Before using your duvet, fluff up and air thoroughly for a few hours.

  • Gentle warm machine wash
  • Dry cleanable
  • Do not any bleach
  • Do not wring out
  • Do not iron at all
  • Do not use fabric softener at all
  • Air dry – laying down flat to ensure feathers are not damaged.

Contact us for further information and delivery outside Gauteng. / 079 286 6085

Imported products - stocks will be confirmed on request.

Down/Feather Info:
Goose feathers are the outer covering of the bird with the quills working to repel water, allowing the animal to fly.  
Down clusters are light, fluffy and warmer usually found under on the belly of a bird with. Down offers more warmth than feather.