Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Gel Infused

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Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.
Designed to bring comfort to any firm mattress. 
They offer a no motion transfer for added comfort. High density memory foam with gel beads infused into the foam, creating space for the air to flow thus keeping you cool throughout the night. 
Body contouring: memory takes the shape of your body. 
Covered in a fabric with *Feran-Ice finish
  • Thickness 50mm (5cm)
  • Available in all bed sizes
  • Available in Standard and Extra Length
This product is made to order - lead time 3-7 days.
Email any orders or info request to:
* Feran Ice;
   Adds a soft, moisture absorbing layer to your mattress fabric.
   Increases the evaporation performance and cools down your body.


  1. Standard memory foam is body contouring and covered in a stretch fabric.
  2. Gel memory foam is also body contouring but has gel beads infused in the foam making it cooler. Covered in a ribbed ferran-ice (cooler) fabric
  • Both memory foam toppers have the “sinking”  comfort feel to them.
  • Body contouring: i.e. when you turn it comes back up and take the shape of your new position.