Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

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Hungarian Goose Down Pillow.

Soft and cozy anti-allergenic pillow. Imported product, stock must be confirmed before ordering.

60% Down / 40% Feather
90% Down / 10% Feather

Casing:  (Outer Cover)
100% Cotton Down Proof Fabric T233

45x70cm - Standard
50x90cm - King Size

Goose feathers are the outer covering of the bird with the 
quills working to repel water, allowing the animal to fly.   

Down clusters are light, fluffy and warmer usually found under on the belly of a bird. Down offers more warmth than feather.

Caring for your pillow:
Imported product supplied in a draw string bag.
Before using your pillow, fluff up and air for a few hours.
Periodic airing will keep you pillow fresh.

Contact us for delivery outside Gauteng. / 0792866085

Imported product - Stocks must be confirmed, before ordering.

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