Buckwheat Pillow

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Buckwheat Pillow.

Also known as Sobakawa Pillows. Buckwheat Hull pillows is a 100% natural with extensive therapeutic properties. Buckwheat hulls conform to your head, neck, shoulders and spine and relieving stress on pressure points.

The right pillow can drastically improve your health, comfort and sleep cycle. 

Pillow Info: 

- 100% Buckwheat Hulls
- Cotton Outer Pillow Case with zip.
- Polyester Inner Casing with zip.
- No sealed inner section so hulls move easily.
- Standard pillow size 45 x 70 cm.
- Pillow height when flattened +-8 cm.
- Standard pillow weight +-2.4 Kg.

    Buckwheat Pillow Benefits:

    - Natural and non-toxic.
    - Buckwheat hulls conform to your head, neck, shoulders and spine.
    - Perfect neck support.
    - Clean and dust mite free.
    - Suitable for both adults and children.
    - Breathable and promotes air flow.
    - Therapeutic, relieving stress on pressure points.
    - Eco-friendly.
    - Anti-allergenic.
    - No hollow fibre contained in the pillow.

    Care Instructions:

    To sanitize and deodorize your Hull Pillow, place in direct sunlight for ate least 2 hours every couple months. Do not wash the Buckwheat Hulls, only the removable outer cotton casing can be washed. The Hulls may discolour the cotton cover, which is normal as it is an all-natural product.

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