Bamboo Pillow (Light)

R 499

Excl 15% VAT

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

A soft Bamboo pillow made with light density memory foam.

Memory foam takes the shape of your head and neck, providing support, alignment and pressure point relief for a better nights sleep. It softens with your body heat.

- Classic shape bamboo pillow. (60 x 40 x 12cm)
- Bamboo fibre and polyester anti bacterial outer casing.
- No zip on outer pillow casing.
- Supplied in a zipped pillow bag with handles.

Benefits of a Bamboo cover.
- Soft and comfortable.
- Naturally anti-bacterial cover.
- More breathable than cotton.
- Keeps you comfortable all seasons.

Made-To-Order for Beds and Pillows in 3-5 work days.
Returns are not facilitated on made-to-order items.

Contact us: or 0792866085.

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